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The Iberian Qur’an

  • Du 05 May 2021 au 06 May 2021
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BN Madrid The conference is organized by the EuQu project, Mercedes Garcia-Arenal (CSIC, Madrid) and Gerard Wiegers, (University of Amsterdam) and will be held in Madrid and also on Zoom (the zoom link will be soon available here on this page).

The titles of the different panels are:

  • 5 MAY 2021
  • General Introduction by Mercedes Garcia-Arenal and Gerard Wiegers
  • Jews, Christians and Muslims during the Middle Ages From Mudejars to Moriscos
  • 6 MAY 2021
  • Morisco culture during the sixteenth century
  • The Christian Translations: between mission and polemics
  • The nineteenth-century rediscovery
  • Conclusions by John Tolan

Image: Biblioteca TNT, RESC_25 folio 1_fragmento

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