Nathalie Gaborit

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L'institut du thorax INSERM UMR 1087 / CNRS UMR 6291 IRS-UN, 8 Quai Moncousu BP 70721 44007 Nantes cedex 1, France

0228080132 (n° interne : 320132)

Thèmes de recherche

Understand the roles of Iroquois transcription factors in the pathophysiology of cardiac arrhythmia,using iPS cells.

Activités / CV


 Starting January 2015: Primary investigator. L'institut du thorax, Nantes, France. CR2 Commission #24.

 February 2012 - December 2014: Post-doctoral fellow. L'institut du thorax, Nantes, France

 December 2006- December 2011: Post-doctoral fellow. Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease,San Francisco, USA

 Oct. 2006: Awarded PhD in biology from Université de Nantes, France.

 2002 - 2006: PhD student at the institut du thorax, Nantes, France.


 Cell culture:culture of cos7 et 10T1/2 cells; cellular transfection; culture of human iPScells; differentiation of human iPS cells in osteoblast, cardiomyocyte andendocardial cells; culture of mouse embryonic stem cells; differentiation ofmouse stem cells into cardiomyocytes; optimization of the iPS cell-osteoblastdifferentiation protocol.

 Cell Biology: Immunohitochemistry;FACS; cell sorting; fluorescence microscopy; confocal miscroscopy.

 Molecular biology: cloning; DNA microarray; Real-time PCR and TaqMan array; western blot; luciferase assay; chromatinimmunoprecipitation; co-immunoprecipitation; manipulation of BacterialArtificial Chromosome. 

 Histology: mouse embryo and adult heart dissection; paraffin and OCT embedding of mouseembryonic and adult tissues; paraffin sectioning; cryosectioning;immunofluorescence; in situ hybridization on tissue section; Eosin-Hematoxylineand Acetylcholinesterase section staining.

 Animal handling: management of mouse colony; mouse ultrasound andembryo dating; production of transgenic mouse lines.

 Electrophysiology:6-lead electrocardiogram and telemetry recording and analysis; surgicalimplantation of telemetry device in mouse.


·   Author of 10 articles in peer-reviewed journals (average IF = 8.5, from 5 to 14.8)

·  Hirsch (H) index: 6 (data from Webof Science) ; M index: 0.86 (computed as H/career length)

Sivagangabalan G, Bignolais O, Nazzari H,Maguy A, Farid T, Masse S, Gaborit N,Varro A, Nair K, Backx P, Nattel S, Demolombe S, and Nanthakumar K. Regionalion channel gene expression heterogeneity and ventricular fibrillation dynamicsin human hearts. Plos One. 2014, 9:e82179.

Gaborit N, Sakuma R,Wylie JN, Kim KH, Zhang SS, Hui CC, Bruneau BG. Cooperative and antagonistic roles for Irx3 and Irx5 in cardiac morphogenesis and postnatalphysiology. Development. 2012, 139:4007-4019.

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Gaborit N, Varro A, Le Bouter S, Szuts V,Escande D, Nattel S, Demolombe S. Gender-related differences in ion-channel andtransporter subunit expression in non-diseased human hearts. J MolCell Cardiol. 2010, 49:639-646.

KuoYM, Li Z, Jiao Y, Gaborit N, PaniAK, Orrison BM, Bruneau BG, Giasson BI, Smeyne RJ, Gershon MD, Nussbaum RL. Extensive enteric nervous systemabnormalities in mice transgenic for artificial chromosomes containingParkinson disease-associated alpha-synuclein gene mutations precede centralnervous system changes. Hum Mol Genet. 2010, 19:1633-1650.

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Gaborit N, Le Bouter S, Szuts V, Varro A,Escande D, Nattel S, Demolombe S. Regional and tissue specific transcriptsignatures of ion channel genes in the non-diseased human heart. JPhysiol. 2007, 582:675-693.

Lamirault G, Gaborit N, Le Meur N, Chevalier C,Lande G, Demolombe S, Escande D, Nattel S, Leger JJ, Steenman M. Geneexpression profile associated with chronic atrial fibrillation and underlyingvalvular heart disease in man. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2006, 40:173-184.

GaboritN, Steenman M, Lamirault G, Le Meur N, Le Bouter S,Lande G, Leger J, Charpentier F, Christ T, Dobrev D, Escande D, Nattel S,Demolombe S. Human atrial ion channel and transporter subunit gene-expressionremodeling associated with valvular heart disease and atrial fibrillation. Circulation.2005, 112:471-481.


 2013-2015: Marie Curie IIF

2012-2013 : Fédération Française de Cardiologie

2013: Fondation Genavie

2012-2013 : Fondation Lefoulon-Delalande

2010-2012 : American Heart Association

2010-2013 : Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program (declined)

2006-2007 : Foundation for Medical Research

2003-2006 : Région Pays de le Loire


2011: Best poster price -CVRI retreat, Santa Cruz, USA

2010: Leadership award -Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease, San Francisco, USA.

2009: Above and Beyondaward - Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease, San Francisco, USA.

2006: Best poster price -GRRC, Toulouse, France.

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