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Laboratoire Mer Molécules Santé Faculté des Sciences 2 rue de la Houssinière 44322 Nantes Cedex 3

0251125655 (n° interne : 455655)

Taught academic discipline(s)

Aquaculture, benthic ecology, biostatistics, structure and functionning of coastal areas,remote sensing

Research topics

Multi- and Hyperspectral remote sensing of intertidal areas. Microscale mapping of macrophytes and invertebrates. Bivalve ecophysiology and modeling. Structure and functionning of shellfish ecosystems. Off-shore aquaculture.

Activities / Resume


2007 Habilitation "Analysis of bivalve-microalgae interaction in coastal ecosystems

1995 PhD thesis University of  La Rochelle

Ecophysiology of the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas  :  from ultrastructure studies to modeling

Last  publications


RIBEIRO L., Brotas V., Hernandez-Fariñas T., Jesus B., Barillé L., 2020. Assessing alternative approaches to species abundance description of intertidal diatom communities. Frontiers in Marine Science-Marine Ecosystem Ecology

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PALMER S., GERNEZ P., THOMAS Y., SIMIS S., MILLEr P., GLIZE P., Barillé L., 2020. Remote sensing-driven Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) growth modeling to inform offshore aquaculture site selection. Frontiers in Marine Science-Ocean observation


Lebreton B., Rivaud A., Prevost B., Beseres Pollack J., Lavaud J., Barillé L., SAUZEAU T., PICOT L., 2019. From ecological relevance of the ecosystem services concept to its socio-political use. The case study of intertidal bare mudflats in the Marennes-Oléron Bay, France. Ocean and Coastal Management 172: 41-54.

Ratmaya W., Soudant D., Salmon-Monviola J., Cochennec-Laureau N., Goubert E., Andrieux-Loyer F., Barillé L., Souchu P., 2019. Reduced phosphorus loads from the Loire and Vilaine Rivers were accompanied by increasing eutrophication in Vilaine Bay (South Brittany, France). Biogeosciences 16: 1361-1380

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