Erasmus + mobilité internationales de crédits 2019

Information générales

Le projet de mobilité internationale de crédits 2019 est mis en œuvre avec le Cambodge (Royal University of Law and Economics), le Liban (Université Libanaise) et le Mexique (Université de Veracruz).

Dates : 1er août 2019 au 31 juillet 2022

Retour sur expériences :

Bilan du projet

  • 28 mobilités étudiantes à Nantes Université :
    • 12 mobilités à Polytech Nantes
    • 11 mobilités à l'UFR Sciences et Techniques
    •  2 mobilités à la FCLE/UFR Pharmacie
    •  3 mobilités à l'IAE Nantes
  • 18 mobilités de personnel dont :
    • 7 mobilités de personnel enseignant ou administratif de Nantes Université vers la Royal University of Law and Economics et vers l'Université Libanaise
    • 11 mobilités de formation à Nantes Université

Rapport d'activité du projet de mobilité >> consultable ICI.

Porteurs de projet et personnels

Nantes Université

Jannic HUTEAU, IAE Nantes
Mobilité de formation à la Royal University of Law and Economics

Universités partenaires

Felix MONTERO, coordinateur du projet à l'Université de Veracruz
Mobilité de formation à Nantes Université (juin 2022)

e My name is Felix Montero I coordinate the activities of the MISAC Masters Program in the Universidad Veracruzana in Mexico. I was selected in the Erasmus + training mobility program in the Nantes University, this mobility represents a big opportunity for my career as I was able to stablish cooperation bonds with Professors who are leaders on their fields, also this mobility opens the possibility to offer more quality on our courses, so our students get to know the state of the art in the cultural field with teachings from the best professors in Europe. At personal level, the mobility offered me an opportunity to visit Europe and France for the first time in my life, it has taught me about culture, customs, and new ways to live and work with vast differences to what I’m used to in my country, this is indeed very refreshing for my life in general as I leave with new friends, and a beautiful experience that I will share with my loved ones.

Lizette FIGUEROA, Université de Veracruz
Mobilité de formation à Nantes Université (juin 2022)

e Me llamo Lizette Figueroa, soy fundadora de la Maestría en Salud, Arte y Comunidad (MISAC). Este año, tuve la fortuna de haber sido beneficiada con la beca ERASMUS, esto nos permitió conocer de cerca las oportunidades académicas de Nantes Université que pueden tener los estudiantes en movilidad, las instalaciones y programas para estudiar en Nantes. El contacto humano perdido durante la pandemia, sin duda se retomó con esta experiencia, ojalá muchos estudiantes puedan disfrutar de estos intercambios.

Abdel SAMHAT, coordinateur du projet à l'Université Libanaise (Faculté de Génie)
Mobilité de formation à Polytech Nantes (avril 2022)

Mobilités étudiantes


Carinelle ATAMECH, Université Libanaise (Liban)
Mobilité de stage à Polytech Nantes (6 mois)

e “J’ai effectué un stage intitulé « Comparative Study of Authenticated Encryption Methods » sous la direction de Dr Safwan EL ASSAD au sein des laboratoires LS2N/IETR et en collaboration avec l’Université Libanaise. Cette mobilité qui était exceptionnelle, a influé ma vie personnelle et professionnelle. Dans le contexte de confinement, j’ai été obligée de maîtriser seule de nouveaux logiciels pour procéder et continuer mon projet. Je suis très ravie d’acquérir de nouvelles connaissances dans le domaine de la sécurité des données et mes tuteurs sont contents des résultats achevés. Je suis maintenant plus confiante et convaincue de mes capacités et je connais mes points forts et faibles. Après tout ce que j’ai vécu durant ces six mois, je suis plus capable de m‘adapter et d’agir dans de nouvelles situations, de penser et d’analyser les informations de manière critique. Je pense alors plus logiquement et je tire de bonnes conclusions. Accomplir une mobilité Erasmus +, c’est une chance de vie. J’avais beaucoup de doute à propos cette période, mais maintenant je suis sûre que c’est une expérience pleine de joie, succès et progrès. N’hésitez pas de postuler pour une telle mobilité, ça va améliorer votre vie et enrichir vos compétences linguistiques, culturels, académiques et sociales."

Ali EL BIZRI, Université Libanaise (Liban)
Mobilité de stage au laboratoire CR2TI (6 mois)

e "My internship took place at the Center for Research in Transplantation and Immunology (UMR 1064), at Professor Dorian McIlroy's lab. The benefits of this mobility were immense. Firstly, learning the ins and outs of working in a research lab and navigating a scientific project. Secondly, being able to improve my scientific communication skills and also my general public speaking skills. Finally, Nantes was a fantastic city to stay at and given the right opportunity would definitely consider moving back there."


Manin LY, Royal University of Law and Economics (Cambodge)
Mobilité d’études à l’IAE Nantes (5 mois)

e "I choose France for its fame of research and teaching methodologies. The opportunity offered through the partnership between the University of Nantes in France and the Royal University of Law and Economics in Cambodia matched with my academic background in the field of economics and management. I was expecting to enrich my knowledge, culture, and experience as a student living abroad in additional to my goal of pursing study in a prestigious university. I was warmly welcomed by the international relation office personals of the University of Nantes. It was easier than I ever imagined it would be since it was my first time moving out of home and coming to France to study. In general, the study and living condition in Nantes are good enough and easy to adapt. Thanks to my student VISA, I also had the opportunity to travel to Switzerland and Italy. The Erasmus + mobility program had granted me the opportunity to enrich my academic knowledge, to improve my communication, to deal with change in culture, environment, and workplace. It is truly a life changing experience."

Somanea BUNLEE, Royal University of Law and Economics (Cambodge)
Mobilité d’études à l’IAE Nantes (5 mois)

e "My name is BUNLEE Somanea. I was an Erasmus exchange student for 5 months at University of Nantes located in Nantes, France. Studying at IAE Nantes was an amazing experience for me because I had learned a lot of new things from the professors and gained new experience at an international learning context. On a personal level, I noticed that I improved my communication skills with my friends and other people even if there were minor language barriers between us. Academically, I gained a lot of knowledge from the courses provided and I really enjoyed learning from the professors. They were really helpful and attentive especially towards exchange students. All in all, I really loved everything about Nantes including the environment and the people. "

Mobilités combinées

Yara AMINE, Université Libanaise (Liban)
Mobilité d'études à Polytech Nantes (12 mois)

e "My name is Yara Amine from Lebanon. I joined the Erasmus + mobility program for the year 2020/2021.This program gave me the opportunity to travel to France and continue my studies in Nantes. I studied at Polytech Nantes, where I got my M2 degree in Data Sciences. My academic year was divided into two parts : for the first semester, I studied on campus for 4 months and, for the second semester, I did my research internship (5months) at Laboratoire des Sciences du Numérique de Nantes (LS2N). I chose Nantes because it was a lovely big city with a nice wheather and rich culture. Also, it contained important organisations providing high level of education in fields I am interested about. The Erasmus + program made it possible for me to live in this city and continue my education. It has opened doors for me to get accepted for a Phd position, to be funded by the Ciffre initiative, which is currently being organised. Finally, on the personal level, this experience helped me learn about a new culture, build relationships with people from different countries, and visit many beautiful places I always wanted to see in France. So I made a lot of beautiful memories in this mobility year which makes me forever thankful for this experience."

Maria OUNDJIAN, Université Libanaise (Liban)
Mobilité combinée à l'UFR Sciences et Techniques

e My name is Maria Oundjian. I am Lebanese - Armenian. All my life I lived in Beirut until I had the chance to join the Erasmus + mobility program for my Master 2 degree for the year 2021/2022.This program gave me the opportunity to first get my Master 2 in Biology Biotechnology and Therapeutic Research from Nantes University , then to visit France and get to know its beautiful places. Doing my 6 months internship in a Research Lab specialized in cancer studies was a very important step in my academic journey since I learned a lot and it would indeed open more doors for me in the future. The Erasmus + program made it possible for me to pursue my studies in a field I am passionate about to which I am grateful. I found Nantes to be a very lovely city to live in, full of life and nice people. In general, this was a nice experience in which I also had the chance to evolve on a personal level, as I gained in confidence and independence, I got to know people from all over the world and made unforgettable memories. Finally, a special thank you to the Lebanese University back home and to the kindest Guichet Unique Team in Nantes University that welcomed us and helped us through the procedure to come to France

Mary Adel MRAD, Université Libanaise (Liban)
Mobilité combinée à l'UFR Sciences et Techniques

"J'ai réalisé mon master 2 à Nantes Université grâce au programme d'échange Erasmus + durant 11 mois et j'ai effectué mon stage au sein de l'institut du Thorax, à Nantes. Cette période de séjour en France a approfondi mes connaissances linguistiques où j'ai pratiqué ma langue française en plus je suis plus autonome et plus confiante. D'un point de vue académique, mon stage de M2 a developpé mes compétences techniques et scientifiques. À Nantes, j'ai passé un bon moment avec mes amis libanais essayant de s'adapter à la vie nantaise."

Perla SALAMEH, Université Libanaise (Liban)
Mobilité combinée à l'UFR Sciences et Techniques

e "Je suis étudiante en Master 2 BBRT à Nantes Université. J'ai effectué mon stage au sein de l'équipe 12 du CRCI2NA à l'établissement français du sang à Nantes. Je suis venu en France grâce au programme ERASMUS+. Je voudrais tout d'abord remercier les personnels qui m'ont aider de venir à Nantes et qui m'ont suivi tout au long de cette année. Grace à cette année, j'ai pu acquérir plein d’expériences professionnels, académiques, et même personnels qui me seront inoubliables. Lors de cette année, j'ai eu la possibilité de visiter Nantes, Rennes, Angers, Pornic, Mont Saint Michel et Saint Malo. Ma vie en France m'a donné la chance de découvrir un nouveau pays merveilleux, des gens supers, d'améliorer ma langue française, d'ouvrir l'esprit sur d'autres cultures européennes et de s'adapter dans un autre pays nouveau. J'ai remarqué que j'ai développé plein de connaissances et compétences et j'ai appris beaucoup de choses. J'espère bien avoir une thèse qui va me permettre de relever de nouveaux défis et d'aider à améliorer la santé publique."

Omar ABDEL KHALEK, Université Libanaise (Liban)
Mobilité combinée à Polytech Nantes

" The first part of my mobility took place in Nantes where I was enrolled in the VICO M2, needless to say the learning experience there was top notch and its where I enjoyed learning most. Looking back at it now, it was the perfect mix of academic hard work, interseting and challenging projects as well as fair autonomy time to work on personnal skills and enjoy the many benefits student get at Nantes and explore the wordeful city. It was my first experience of any French city and I loved every moment of it and will always look back at Nantes as my second home. The second part of my mobility took place at a company in Paris. Paris is much bigger than Nantes and with that increase in scale you also scale the good and bad thing. In Paris feel the stress of any modern metropolitan city but it is impossible not to fall in love with the beauty, the charm, the soul and the history of Paris. And it is where I got my first job offer for that I am very grateful."

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