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DR2 Inserm "Cardiac arrhythmias" team leader, l'institut du thorax, Inserm UMR_S1087, CNRS UMR_C9691

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Inserm UMR1087, CNRS UMR6291 l'institut du thorax IRS-UN 8 quai Moncousu BP 70721 44007 Nantes cedex

0228080164 (n° interne : 320164)

Taught academic discipline(s)

Cardiac physiology

Research topics

Characterization of the pathophysiological mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmias and conduction defects from gene to integrated function).

Activities / Resume

Main ongoing research projects
1. Study of a mouse model of progressive cardiac conduction  defects (Lenègre disease) related to Scn5a, the gene coding for the sodium channel Nav1.5.
2. Study of a mouse model of long QT syndrome linked to Scn5a.
3. Functional characterization of a novel gene for Brugada Syndrome, RRAD.

Technical Approaches:
ECG, endocavitary exploration, microelectrodes, patch-clamp, quantitative RT-PCR, western blot, immunolabeling, histology, gene transfer

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Additional information

Flavien Charpentier is also the scientific director of Therassay core facility (

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