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Office / Bureau 132
Faculté de Psychologie & LPPL - EA 4638
Université de Nantes
Chemin la Censive du Tertre - BP 81227
44312 Nantes Cedex 3 (France)

0253522647 (n° interne : 442647)

Discipline(s) enseignée(s)

Quantitative methods in psychology / Méthodes quantitatives en psychologie
Open science tools / Outils pour la science ouverte
Psychometrics / Psychométrie
Statistics / Statistiques

Thèmes de recherche

I work in social psychophysiology within a behavioural biology perspective. I am interested in understanding the effect of stress on cooperation and conversely. I am looking for common mechanisms across different species. I also have projects dealing with methodology, epistemology, and data analysis. My current research works follow open, slow and sustainable science practices as much as possible.

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Activités / CV

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In preparation

Beffara Bret, B., & Beffara Bret, A. (in prep.). State of open science practices in psychological science. A first descriptive overview in European french speaking countries.


Soto Icaza, P., Beffara Bret, B., Aboitiz, F., Vargas, L., & Billeke, P. (2021 - Under review). Alteration in cortical processing of facial emotions in broader autism phenotype. PsyArXiv.

Beffara, B., Mermillod, M., & Vermeulen, N. (2016). Can we test the influence of prosociality on high frequency heart rate variability? A double-blind sham-controlled approach. bioRxiv, 078006.

Beffara, B., Vermeulen, N., & Mermillod, M. (2016). Resting high frequency heart rate variability is not associated with the recognition of emotional facial expressions in healthy human adults. bioRxiv, 077784.


Peer-reviewed articles

Bret, A., Beffara, B., Mierop, A., & Mermillod, M. (2021). Differentiated evaluation of counter-conditioned stimuli as a function of right-wing authoritarianism. Social Psychological Bulletin, 16(2), 1-26.

Beffara Bret, B., Beffara Bret, A., & Nalborczyk, L. (2021). A fully automated, transparent, reproducible, and blind protocol for sequential analyses. Meta-Psychology, 5.

Robin, F., Ménétrier, E., & Beffara Bret, B. (2021). Effects of visual imagery on false memories in DRM and misinformation paradigms. Memory, 1–8.

Spatola, N., Santiago, J., Beffara, B., Mermillod, M., Ferrand, L., & Ouellet, M. (2018). When the Sad Past Is Left: The Mental Metaphors Between Time, Valence, and Space. Frontiers in Psychology, 9.

Mermillod, M., Grynberg, D., Pio-Lopez, L., Rychlowska, M., Beffara, B., Harquel, S., . . . Droit-Volet, S. (2018). Evidence of Rapid Modulation by Social Information of Subjective, Physiological, and Neural Responses to Emotional Expressions. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 11.

Kauffmann, L., Roux-Sibilon, A., Beffara, B., Mermillod, M., Guyader, N., & Peyrin, C. (2017). How does information from low and high spatial frequencies interact during scene categorization? Visual Cognition, 1–15.

Bret, A., Beffara, B., McFadyen, J., & Mermillod, M. (2017). Right wing authoritarianism is associated with race bias in face detection. PloS One, 12(7), e0179894.

Beffara, B., Bret, A. G., Vermeulen, N., & Mermillod, M. (2016). Resting high frequency heart rate variability selectively predicts cooperative behavior. Physiology & Behavior, 164, 417–428.

Beffara, B., Wicker, B., Vermeulen, N., Ouellet, M., Bret, A., Molina, M. J. F., & Mermillod, M. (2015). Reduction of interference effect by low spatial frequency information priming in an emotional Stroop task. Journal of Vision, 15(6), 16.

Bret, A., & Beffara, B. (2013). Anthropomorphising Ourselves : The Origin of the Free Will Illusion. Student Journal of Psychology, 2, 1, 28-30.

Beffara, B., Ouellet, M., Vermeulen, N., Basu, A., Morisseau, T., & Mermillod, M. (2012). Enhanced embodied response following ambiguous emotional processing. Cognitive Processing, 13(S1), 103–106.



 Beffara, B. (2020). Testing an alternative visualisation of ordinal data and regression in R. In Toward Data Science.

 Beffara, B. (2017). How to embed http websites in your R presentation ?


Diffusion des connaissances en ligne

Beffara, B. (2018). “Homéopathie : peut-on soigner les gens avec du sucre ?”

Beffara, B. (2017). Bon chercheur, Mauvais chercheur. Radio étudiante de l'Université de Lyon

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