Incoming Exchange Students: Class Catalog

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Are you thinking about coming to Nantes Université on an exchange program?

You will need to submit a learning agreement with your study abroad application.

The information below will aid you in creating your learning agreement.

To benefit from the French class free program, students interested must apply via the online application: Under "French Language Courses", answer "YES" to the question "Would you like to benefit from the French support classes?"

Students must also specify the period: 1st semester (September to January), 2nd semester (January to May) or full academic year (September to May).

There will be no changes or withdrawals once the application is submitted.

Next, you must include the French courses in your learning agreement. To find out how to fill it in, please read the guide by clicking HERE

The course titles, their codes and the number of ECTS will change from September 2023 with the new training offer. In addition, some courses will no longer be available.

You will be able to make any necessary changes in your pedagogical contract when you arrive.

It is mandatory to choose at least 70% of your courses in the same faculty.

Exchange students applying to the Faculty of fundamental and applied sciences must choose at least 70% to 80% of their courses in a single study pathway.

Filling out your learning agreement

1. Your chosen field of study must figure in the exchange agreement

2. Refer to the description of our departments and classes to make your selection

3. At least 70 % of your course load must be in a field of study that figures in the exchange agreement

4. Full course load for 1 semester = 30 ECTS
    Full course load for 1 year = 60 ECTS


Good to Know

1. You have access to undergraduate and graduate (1st year Master's program classes)

2. Degree LMD : L = Licence (3 year Bachelor's Degree);  M = Master (1 to 2 year Master's Degree); D = Doctorat (PhD Program)

3. ECTS = The European system of the number of credits assigned to a class

4.  CM = Cours magistraux (Lecture classes)
     TD = Travaux dirigés (Seminar)
     TP = Travaux pratiques (Laboratory)

Attention: Classes for the departments listed below are not accessible through the online class catalog. Please refer to our website - here- for more information on available classes and use the learning agreement template European exchanges and Non-European Exchanges.

Faculté de Médecine
Faculté d'Odontologie
IUT de Nantes
IUT de Saint-Nazaire
IUT de la Roche sur Yon
Institut supérieur du professorat et de l'éducation (Inspé)
Polytech Nantes
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