• Le 03 July 2023

    Amphitheatre S - Campus Centrale Nantes

    1 Rue de la Noë, 44300 Nantes

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  • LS2N Young Researcher Day

    Life Sciences Transverse Theme


    Monday July 3rd, 2023 - 9:00 to 5:30

    Amphitheatre S - Campus Centrale Nantes

    1 Rue de la Noë, 44300 Nantes


Dr Samuel Chaffron, Dr Christine Sinoquet - Associate Professor with Habilitation, and Dr Nicolas Normand are thrilled to invite you to the second edition of the LS2N Life Sciences Transverse Theme Young Researcher Day on Monday July 3rd 2023.

This event will be dedicated to exploring cutting-edge research and innovations at the crossroad between Digital Sciences and Life Sciences in Healthcare, Biology, Bioinformatics, and Ecology. It will bring researchers from diverse disciplines in a collaborative atmosphere to foster discussions and drive scientific progress across these disciplines.

We welcome your contributions and invite you to participate to the oral or poster presentations contest (associated to one or several of the four research themes below). The contests (rules in the registration form) are open to all students (M2 or higher) and researchers (young researchers as well as more longer-established researchers) :

  • Machine (Deep) learning in Life Sciences / Medical image analysis / Statistical signal and image processing
  • Modelling of biological systems / Probabilistic graphical models / Model checking
  • Natural language processing (NLP) / Data mining / Knowledge extraction
  • Multi-modal data integration / Semantic Web / Knowledge Graphs / Linked Data

The day will also feature five keynote presentations by LS2N researchers and external collaborators - schedule for the day:

8:30 AM - Welcome and installation of posters on display boards

9:00 AM - Introduction and Ice Breaker

9:05 AM - Keynote speeches - 25 minutes each

�� Diana Mateus: "Predicting survival from full-body PET Images: from conventional machine learning to self- and unsupervised deep learning methods"

�� Christine Sinoquet: "A Framework for Context-Sensitive Prediction in Time Series - Application to Data-Driven Medical Simulation in Anaesthesia training"

�� Guillaume Cantin: "How to verify dynamical properties of a hybrid forest-climate model"

10:30 AM - ��️ Poster Pitches - Approximately 5-minute pitches for each poster

11:00 AM - ��️ Hall - Poster presentations and coffee break

12:00 PM - Voting for posters

12:15 PM - Informal exchange and Lunch in the Hall or Picnic depending on the weather

2:00 PM - �� Plenary Session - Oral Presentations - 5 oral presentations of 10 to 15 minutes each

3:15 PM - Keynote presentations - 25 minutes each
�� Solen Quiniou: "Natural Language Processing and Bioinformatics"

�� Alban Gaignard: "Integrating imaging and omics data with Knowledge Graphs"

4:05 PM - Hall - Refreshment break + Oral Votes

4:30 PM - Award ceremony - Informal discussions

5:30 PM - End of the event

To ensure an engaging experience, we have planned energizing coffee breaks and a lunch break, providing ample time for networking among participants.

⚠️ Subscription BEFORE JUNE 26th is mandatory for attending and/or participating to the contests, coffee breaks, lunch breaks ⚠️

Whether you are a young researcher, a confirmed scientist, or simply curious about links between Digital Sciences and Life Sciences, please register and mark your calendar!

We look forward to welcoming you at Ecole Centrale Amphitheatre S for a promising and rich scientific day on Monday July 3rd 2023!