Personnel de l'université

Sandrine HUCLIER

Maître de Conférences-HDR


0251125514 (n° interne : 455514)

Discipline(s) enseignée(s)

Chimie et Radiochimie

Thèmes de recherche

Senior Researcher ~ Radiochemistry ~ Analytical Chemistry ~ Research & Development

Activités / CV

Motivated Research and Development leader with experience in both the radiopharmaceutical and PET chemistry research.

French (native), English (fluent), Spanish (current), German (bases)

Professional Skills

·         Research & Development - Project Management, Design Teams, Systematic physicochemical studies, PET radionuclides development, hot and cold chemistry, development of radiolabeled biomarkers, preclinical validation (in vitro and in vivo testings), Statistics & Design of Experiments (DOE), empowered for animal experiments.

·         Management - Leadership, Objective Planning, Daily Operation & Staff Development, strong communication, strong collaborative network.

·         Quality Systems - Corrective/Preventive Action, Product/Process Validations, Quality Engineering, Risk Management, Supplier Quality,

·         Analytical chemistry - Chemistry in Solution (pH, conductivity, complexometry) Spectroscopies (UV, IR, NMR, TRLIFS), chromatographic techniques (IC, GC, HPLC, HPTLS, electrophoresis, Asymetrical Flow Field Flow Fractionation), Mass Spectrometry (ESI, APCI)

·         Miscellaneous: Nuclear measurements (gamma counter, liquid scintillation, alpha spectrometry), microbiology

University of Nantes- ARRONAX Cyclotron & Subatech                              Nantes, France

Associate Professor in Chemistry Department  (Jan 2006 - present)

·         Primary Responsibilities included:

o      Lecturer in Chemistry, Analytical chemistry and Radiochemistry

o      Develop, implement, support and manage the development of innovative PET radionuclides

o      Develop, support and manage the development of new analytical tools in radiochemistry for radiotherapy or PET biomarkers purposes.

o      Develop, implement, support and manage the development of new ligands, their radiolabeling optimization to be further evaluated in a preclinical stage.

o      Development of characterization and quantification of natural organic matter by mass spectrometry

Missouri University Research Reactor MURR Columbia,Missouri, USA         Guest scientist(May 2009 - July 2009)

o      Physicochemicalstudy of the radiolabeling of PET tracers (64Cu, 68Ga) ofbiomarkers, in vitro assays

·        Key Accomplissements included:

o  On-going collaborative work

University of Toulon- PROTEE laboratory Toulon, France Lecturer in Chemistry Department (Sept 2003 - Dec 2005)

·        Primary Responsibilitiesincluded:

o      Lecturer in Chemistry,Analytical chemistry and environmental chemistry

o      Field studies forevaluating the contaminants in waters (rivers and sea) to different media(organics, bacteria, minerals) and especially during flood events

·        Key Accomplishments included:

o  Successfully evaluatedmetallic contamination in various ecosystems (Mediterranean Sea, New CaledoniaLagoon)

o  Developed skills for fieldto lab experiments, at ultra-traces scales with fragile samples.

o  Developed skills in staff management includingperformance planning/reviews & staff development.

SMART laboratory  Nantes, France Research Associate in Nuclear Metrology (post-doc) (June 2002 - July 2003)

·        Primary Responsibilitiesincluded:

o      Evaluation ofregulations, methodologies and practices for the radiological control of wastesfor industrials within the European Community

o      Develop theradiochemical separation and analysis of I-129 and Cl-36

·        Key Accomplishments included:

o  Complete review of theEuropean and national regulations, methodologies and practices of theradiological control of wastes

o      Successful development of the separation and analysis of I-129 and Cl-36 invarious matrix

SUBATECH laboratory  Nantes, France PhD in Radiochemistry (Oct 1999 - July 2002)

·        Primary Responsibilitiesincluded:

o      Evaluation of thebiodistribution of lanthanides in the geosphere between organic phase either insolution or sorbed onto a mineral phase and bacteria

o      Lecturer at Schoolof Mines in optics

·        Key Accomplishments included:

o  developed skills in nuclear chemistry

o  developed skills in projectmanagement and communication

o      Successful evaluation of the biodistribution of lanthanides, especiallyin the frame of performance assessment studies for nuclear wastes repositories

LAIEM laboratory Nantes, France Master in Isotopic chemistry (Jan 1999 - July 1999)

·        Primary Responsibilitiesincluded:

o      Development of aquantitative analysis by ²H NMR of cancer inducer capsaicinoids compounds

·        Key Accomplishments included:

o  Successful Quantitativeanalysis developped

Johnson& Johnson - Advanced Sterilization Products -Irvine,California, USA - Technician  (June1997 - July 1997)

·        Validated test methods(both chemical & microbiological assays) for product release &stability testing.

·        Actively participated in qualitydevelopment by implementing with statistics

INTECHMER  Cherbourg, France - Intern in Marine Chemistry (July 1998)

ISOMER Nantes, France VolunteerInternships in parallel to University attendance inMarine Chemistry  (1996-1998)

Chromatographic extraction and structural analysis by mass spectrometryof marine compounds of interest (sponges, algae ...) for anti-cancer, anti-viralor anti-fungi properties.

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