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Bâtiment 9 CEISAM: Chimie Et Interdisciplinarité: Synthèse Analyse Modélisation, UMR 6230 CNRS - Université de Nantes UFR Sciences et Techniques 2 Rue de la Houssinière, BP 92208 44322 NANTES Cedex 03

Méthodologie Electrochimique – Equipe IMF CEISAM – Bureau 222.
0251125723 (n° interne : 455723)
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Discipline(s) enseignée(s)

Electrochimie - Chimie générale - structure de la matière - chimie analytique - capteur/biocapteurs -

Thèmes de recherche

- I am interested by the electrochemical/photoelectrochemical in terms of process, electrode materials, devices and specific applications in close connection with industrial problems (Management of various Scientific and Industrial Projects)

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Activités / CV

Employment History
- Teacher-Researcher - University of Nantes from 09/2000 to date
- Project Leader (Technology Transfer) - Gwent Group Ltd from 01/1998 to 09/2000
- Scientist Researcher (R&D)-Biosis (Start-up) from 01/1997 to 12/1997
- Scientist Researcher (R&D) - DOSIVIT (S.A.R.L) from 09/1992 to 12/1995


- Habilitation- University of Nantes 2004: Electrochemistry, Screen-printing, Surface modification
- Research Doctoral degree/PhD - University of Nantes 1992 : Electrochemistry

Additional Information
- Project Leader at Gwent Groups Ltd where I coordinated a series of industrial projects and set up three analytical devices in the field of agriculture, biomedical and food industry (1998- 2000)

- I coordinated French team in Contract (6th Framework – Corporation Research Project n° COOP-CT-2004-512510).

- I am Group Leader (Electrochemical team – CEISAM) and supervised as scientific director 13 Ph. D students and 5 Postdoctoral positions within the period of 2004-2016

- I am Regional Doctoral Skills Development Manager: I am responsible for providing advice and guidance as to the suitability of training and development provision throughout Doctoral School 3MPL Nantes France. From 2014 to date

- I am Head of Studies for the Master of Chemistry LUMOMAT-University of Nantes that I lunched in 2014 (to date) .


Patents (from 2014 to date)

- Device and method for electrochemically synthesizing intermediate species of a chemical entity.
By Boujtita, Mohammed; Bussy, Ugo. PCT Int. Appl. (2014), WO 2014108372 A1 20140717

-  Device and process for electrochemical synthesis of intermediate species of a chemical entity

By Boujtita, Mohammed; Bussy, Ugo. Fr. Demande (2014), FR 3000749 A1 20140711,

Informations complémentaires

Significant Publications (In the period from 2015 to 2017)

1. Engineering Processes at the Interface of p-Semiconductor for Enhancing the Open Circuit Voltage in p-Type Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells. Advanced Energy Materials (2017), Ahead of Print.

2. Titanium vanadium nitride electrode for micro-supercapacitors. Electrochemistry Communications (2017), 77, 40-43.

3. Copper borate as a photocathode in p-type dye-sensitized solar cells. RSC Advances (2016), 6(2), 1549-1553.

4. CuO nanomaterials for p-type dye-sensitized solar cells. RSC Advances (2016), 6(114), 112765-112770.

5. Dealloying of gold-copper alloy nanowires: from hillocks to ring-shaped nanopores. Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology (2016), 7, 1361-1367.

6. Infra-red photoresponse of mesoscopic NiO-based solar cells sensitized with PbS quantum dot. Scientific reports (2016), 624908.

7. Low-cost composites based on porous titania-apatite surfaces for the removal of patent blue V from water: Effect of chemical structure of dye. Journal of Advanced Research (2016), 7(6), 1009-1017.

8. Planar Arrays of Nanoporous Gold Nanowires: When Electrochemical Dealloying Meets Nanopatterning. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2016), 8(10), 6611-6620.

9. Second Generation of Diketopyrrolopyrrole Dyes for NiO-Based Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells. F Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2016), 120(15), 7923-7940.

10. Electrochemistry-mass spectrometry to study reactive drug metabolites and CYP450 simulations. TrAC, Trends in Analytical Chemistry (2015), 70, 67-73.

11. In Situ Ultrafast 2D NMR Spectroelectrochemistry for Real-Time Monitoring of Redox Reactions. Analytical Chemistry (Washington, DC, United States) (2015), 87(1), 372-375.

12. Review of advances in coupling electrochemistry and liquid state NMR. Talanta (2015), 136, 155-160.

13. The first dye-sensitized solar cell with p-type LaOCuS nanoparticles as a photocathode. RSC Advances (2015), 5(74), 60148-60151.

14. Titanium nitride films for micro-supercapacitors: Effect of surface chemistry and film morphology on the capacitance. Journal of Power Sources (2015), 300, 525-532.