• Du 12 janvier 2022 au 11 février 2022

    CRTI INSERM1064, Nantes, France – CHU de Nantes, France

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  • Plan d'accès

• Postdoc and/or research engineer position based on applicant background and expectations - Two years

The objective of the Martin’s lab is to harness the power offered by new single-cell technologies to deconvolute the organization and regulation of pathogenic responses driving tissue lesions in patients affected by digestive diseases. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the rational for future drug and biomarker discoveries, which are currently significantly limited by the poor understanding of disease pathophysiology. There is therefore an urgent need to gain a better knowledge of the cellular programs in normal and lesional human digestive tissues.

Projects :

The applicant will be involved in two funded-projects aiming at characterizing MNP molecular programs and cellular interactions in tissues from patients with ileum Crohn’s disease, or with gastric precancerous and cancerous lesions. Using state-of-the art machine-learning and exploratory data analysis tools, the study will dissect single-cell RNA sequencing, single-cell ATACseq and spatial transcriptomics datasets. It will combine profiling microenvironments in healthy and diseased tissues with analysis of Electronic Medical Records


Required Qualifications

  • Track record demonstrating expertise in data-analysis, including scRNAseq and scATACseq
  • Candidates with a MSc demonstrating significant skills in computational biology are eligible
  • The ideal candidate will demonstrate scientific imagination, intellectual creativity, rigor, and a history of working well in teams