• Du 21 February 2019 au 26 March 2019

Université de Nantes is recruiting 28 research professors and teachers for the academic year 2019 in various fields such as "Atlantic and colonial history (16e-18e centuries)", "Methodology in Psychology", "Radiobiology, immunology", " Civil Engineering Ecoconstruction" and "Sociology of public action".

The recruitment campaign will be held from 21st February 2019 (10:00 am) to 26th March 2019 (4:00pm) – Paris local time on the Galaxie portal.

The list of the selection committees’ composition can be downloaded at the bottom of the page. The detailed positions’ descriptions are available on the Galaxie portal.
  • Calendar :
    • Opening of the candidature procedure on the Galaxie portal: February 21st 2019 (10:00 am)
    • Deadline for application submission on the Galaxie portal : March 26th 2019 (4:00pm) – Paris local time
    • Selection Committees: from April 5th to May 17th 2019
    • Institution’s decisions: Academic councils on May 24th and on June 4th 2019
    • Publication of final results on the Galaxie portal: June 17th 2019.
    • Positions’ start date: September 1st 2019
  • Application file
Maître de conférences (= Lecturer) : List of documents to submit
Professeur (= Senior Lecturer / Professor) : List of documents to submit
  • Submitting the application file :

After registering the application on the Galaxie portal, the complete application file should only be submitted by email, in a unique PDF file (for assistance, download here the file “How to fusion several PDF files"). The application file should be sent before March 28th 2019 to the email address indicated on the position description published on Galaxie.

IMPORTANT: it is recommended to submit applications at least several days before the deadline: accordingly, in case files are incomplete, candidates can be asked to gather and send the missing documents before March 28th 2019.

After this deadline, any incomplete application file or any application file which does not respect the required format will be considered as ineligible.

  • 10 Professeurs des Universités :
    • Administrative law, Law of local authorities
    • Syntax
    • History and civilization of contemporary Spain
    • Full Professor in Health Psychology
    • Sociology of public action
    • Electron microscopy and spectroscopy for material and interface characterization.
    • Civil Engineering Ecoconstruction
    • Process and Bioprocess Engineering
    • International marketing, digital marketing, international management, international business
    • Software tools and statistical learning
  • 18 Maîtres de conférences :
    • Logistics, Supply Chain Management
    • Grammar, linguistic history and stylistic from 18th century to the present day
    • English for business (including translation)
    • Methodology in Psychology
    • German Philosophy and General Philosophy
    • Medieval art ; Western Europe 12th-15th century ; Material culture ; Architecture ; Monumental arts
    • Atlantic and colonial history (16e-18e centuries)
    • Verification, Optimisation, Machine learning
    • Modelling and Implementation of smart production systems.
    • Heat and mass coupled transfers, integration and optimization of the energy systems
    • Electrical Energy
    • Radiobiology, immunology
    • Life sciences
    • Developmental psychology; psychology of education
    • Electrochemistry
    • Micro-organisms genomics and epigenomics/systems biology of microbial communities/Microalgal biology
    • Professional didactics (activity analysis and adults professional development)