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Olivier LABOUX

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Halle 6 Ouest 42 Rue de la tour d'Auvergne 44200 Nantes

0240998383 (n° interne : 218330)

Taught academic discipline(s)

Conservative dentistry and endodontics

Research topics

Non-collagenous proteins of extracellular matrix of dentin and bones

Activities / Resume

2012-         President of Fondation de l'Université de Nantes
2018-2020 Vice-President CPU
2012-2020 President of Université de Nantes
2018-2020 Vice-President IRT Jules Verne
2016-2018 President Ecological and energy transition, CPU
2016-2020 Member of the Board of Regents, Conference of University Presidents
2016-2019 1er vice President Université Bretagne Loire
2012- 2020 President of the Cyclotron ARRONAX GIP
2012-- 2020 President of the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme MSH Ange Guépin
2012-- 2020 Member of the board Advanced Studies Institute of Nantes
2012-- 2020 Vice-president Cluster Atlanpole
2013-2014 President of the Network of French Universities in Western Atlantic (RUOA), 10 Universities
2012-2014 President of the Committee in charge of Quality Assurance-Evaluation-Ranking at the CPU
2012-2014 Member of the Board of Regents, Conference of University Presidents CPU (elected in June 2012 and reelected in December 2012)
2009-2012 Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Université de Nantes
2007-2012 Director of the laboratory ERT 2004 Dental and Osteo-Articular Clinical Research
2010-2012 Vice-President, National Conference of Deans of Dentistry
2007-2012 Member of the National Council of Universities (CNU), section 58-01
2005-2008 President of the National Committee of Conservative Dentistry Professors
2000-2003 Member of the Board of Regents of Université de Nantes
1999-2003 President of the Université de Nantes-Canada Committee
1999-2000 President of the National Forum of Young Researchers in Dentistry

2012- 2020 Member of the Supervisory Board, Nantes University Hospital (CHU)
2004-2012 Director of the Division of Dentistry, CHU of Nantes
1997 -2012 Member of the Medical Committee, CHU of Nantes
2007-2011 Vice-president, National Conference of Heads of Dentistry Departments
2007-2012 Member of the Executive Board and then of the Board of Management, CHU of Nantes
1999-2011 Head of the Department of Conservative and Paediatric Dentistry, CHU of Nantes
Head of the Department of Reparative and Surgical Dentistry, CHU of Nantes

2018- Member of the Leadership Council Sustainable Development Solutions Network France
2015- Member of the Board of the IRT Jules Verne
2006-2011 Judicial Expert at the Court of Appeal of Rennes
2009-2011 Expert for the National Award of Scientific Excellence
1999-2000 Mobility at the Laboratory for the Study of Calcified Tissues and Biomaterials, Université de Montréal and at the Shriners Hospital for children, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
1994- Member of the UMR-INSERM U791 Laboratory for Osteo-Articular and Dental Engineering

Knight of the French National Order of Merit, 2014
Knight of the Légion d'Honneur, 2020

Additional informations


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Publications nationales: 27
Chapitres de livre: 3
Thèses de troisième cycle Odontologie: 158 jurys (Président ,93; Président et directeur, 6; Directeur : 21; Assesseur, 38)