Students participating in an exchange program


Université de Nantes is a member of many international cooperations specialising in student exchanges (ERASMUS, CREPUQ AUF ...) as well as having a number of other inter-university agreements.

  • Candidates must be enrolled in their home university, and be selected by the relevant selection committee.
  • Students must contact and follow all instructions given by the International Relations departement of their home university.
  • Students are exempt from paying registration fees at Université de Nantes, provided they attend all lessons and sit the necessary exams.
  • Exam results are sent to the contact person of the home university, who will validate and transfer the grades into the necessary curriculum.


To enroll at Université de Nantes as part of an inter-university agreement (outside of Erasmus) please consult the cooperation agreement list compiled by Université de Nantes, and complete the application with the help of the International Relations service of your home institution.