Eiffel Scholarship - Graduate program

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship for Graduate programs will fund:

- The 2nd year of a Master's degree program - 12 months

- The 1st and 2nd year of a Master's degree program – 24 months

- A 3-year engineering program - 36 months

For more details, please consult the program's vade-mecum.

***In order to maximize your chances of being accepted to Université de Nantes, even without the scholarship, we strongly advise you to apply for a Master’s degree as an international student in parallel of your Eiffel scholarship application. ***


Scholarship applicants must meet the following criteria :

  • Be of foreign nationality.  Binational students  with French as one of their nationalities are not eligible.
  • Be a student age 25 or younger at the time of the application deadline (Must have been born after March 1995).
  • Should not benefit from another French government scholarship at the time of the application deadline.
  • Must apply to the Eiffel Scholarship program for the first time.  Applications rejected by Campus France during a previous selection cannot be represented. 
  • Language proficiency : a minimum of C1 in French or in English is required depending on the field of study.
  • Must choose only one university to apply for the scholarship.
  • Must apply for an eligible Master’s degree program (see list below).

Eligible field of study : Law and Political Sciences - Droit et Sciences Politiques

***All Law and Political Sciences programs are taught in French
(certain classes offered in English)  ***

Droit Privé

  • M1 Droit privé général et carrières judiciaires
  • M1 et M2 Droit des affaires
  • M1 et M2 Propriété intellectuelle
  • M2 Droit privé général
  • M2 Responsabilité civile et assurances
  • M2 Droit des opérations immobilières

Droit Notarial

  • M1 et M2 Droit Notarial

Droit de l’environnement et de l’urbanisme

  • M1 et M2  Droit de l'environnement
  • M1 et M2 Villes et territoires : politiques et pratiques de l'urbanisme

Droit pénal et sciences criminelles

  • M1 et M2  Droit pénal et carrières judiciaires
  • M1 et M2  Sciences sociales et criminologie

Droit public

  • M1 Droit public
  • M2 Droit des collectivités territoriales
  • M2 Droit public des affaires
  • M2 Droit public approfondi

Droit social

  • M1 Droit social
  • M2 Droit social approfondi
  • M2 Droit social et management des ressources humaines

Etudes européennes et internationales

  • M1 Droit européen et international
  • M1 et M2 Science politique de l'Europe
  • M1 et  M2 Juriste trilingue
  • M2 Droit du marché – choix d’option concurrence et consommation
  • M2 Droit du marché – choix d’option agro-alimentaire
  • M2 Droit de l'Union Européenne
  • M2 Droit et Sécurité des activités maritimes et océaniques

Histoire du droit et des institutions

  • M1 et M2 Histoire du Droit

Eligible field of study : Economics and Management - IAE Nantes - Économie et Management

Eligible field of study : Engineering Sciences - Sciences et Techniques

***All Engineering Science programs  at the UFR Sciences and Techniques are taught in French ***

Électronique, Énergie électrique, automatique (EEA)

  • M1 EEA - Électronique, énergie électrique, automatique
  • M2 CISE - Capteurs Intelligents et qualité des Systèmes Électroniques

Génie Civil

  • M1 TP2M -Travaux Publics Maritimes et Maintenance
  • M2 TPMT - Travaux Publics et Maritimes
  • M1 et M2 CRB - Conception et Réalisation des Bâtiments


  • M1 Mécanique
  • M2 MFS - Mécanique et Fiabilité des Structures

Technologie Marine

  • M1 TP2M – Travaux Publiques Maritimes et Maintenance
  • M2 TPM – Travaux Publics et Maintenance

Eligible field of study : Engineering Sciences - Polytech Nantes

*** Engineering programs at Polytech Nantes are taught in French ***

Formations d’Ingénieur

*** International Master programs at Polytech Nantes are taught in English ***

Masters Internationaux - Informatique

  • M2 VICO - Visual Computing
  • M2 DS - Data Science

Masters Internationaux – Électronique, énergie électrique, automatique

  • M2 EE - Electrical Energy  - in Saint-Nazaire
  • M2 WET - Wireless Embedded Technologies

Masters Internationaux – Mécanique

  • M2 TE - Thermal Science and Energy

Masters Internationaux – Génie des procédés et bio-procédés

  • M2 MBE (Microalgae bioprocess engineering)  -  in Saint-Nazaire

How to apply

The European and International Affairs office centralizes all applications and sends the files directly to Campus France.

Step 1: carefully read the program vade-mecum and check your eligibility.  

Step 2: check the list of programs eligible for the Eiffel Scholarship.

Step 3: while waiting for the call for applications to open, prepare the following documents:


***Any document written in a language other than French or English must be accompanied by an official translation. ***

  •  Resumé / Curriculum vitae, written in French or English, explaining your academic and professional background (1-2 pages) .

  • Rankings: any document attesting to the candidate's excellence: mention, rank, position within the class, number of students in the class, diplomas with the major/minor information, graduation date, mentions and final grades certified by the home institution.

  • The candidate's professional project / personal essay, written in French or English.  This document explaining the choice of studying in France in relation to the academic background and future professional career. This presentation may be supported by a professional reference letter from someone from outside the institution (1-2 pages).

  • Transcripts for the last three years referring to your academic career both in France and abroad.

  •  A photocopy of your passport showing the following information: surname, first name, date of birth and passport number.

  • Language certificate or diploma if needed.

  • The Master’s program brochure and academic calendar.

Step 4: Fill out the online application. You will be able to upload all the previous documents.

Apply to the Eiffel Scholarship Graduate program at université de Nantes here.  

Application Deadline


Please note that our application deadline is different from the one indicated on the Campus France website.

Graduate Programs : Monday, November 16th, 2020

Final results will be published  by Campus France during the week of March 22th, 2021.