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Doctoral schools

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Each PhD student joins a research team attached to a specific doctoral School. A doctoral School federates research teams around scientific themes. Doctoral Schools have a coordinating role, ensuring the scientific consistency of the candidate's research project. It is responsible for training and preparing PhD students for their occupational integration.
The doctoral program is based on 9 thematic doctoral schools which train more than 400 doctors per year in the fields of physical, natural, human, social and life sciences.
Doctoral studies require a minimum of 3 years of studies, after which the PhD student is awarded the highest degree offered within the French higher education system.

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foreign PhD's students

To all foreign Phds students, European and non European, registering with l'UNAM on http://these.lunam.fr/login.jsf.

The organisation Chercheurs Etrangers ŕ Nantes can help you with all administrative paperwork regarding visas, residence/work permits, social security, accomodation, French courses...

Please go and visit their website and get in touch with them to get a personalised answer. It is a free assistance for foreign researchers settling in Nantes.