• Du 01 February 2018 au 01 September 2018

Université de Nantes is recruiting 40 research professors and teachers for the academic year 2018 in various fields such as “Philosophy of Science”, “Structure and evolution of planetary interiors (Earth and other planetary bodies)”, “Health Law”, “Urban geography and urban project”, “Civil Engineering – eco-construction”.

The recruitment campaign will be held from 22nd February 2018 (10:00 am) to 29th March 2018 (4:00pm) – Paris local time.

The list of the selection committees’ composition can be downloaded at the bottom of the page. The detailed positions’ descriptions are available on the Galaxie portal.
  • Calendar :
    • Opening of the candidature procedure on the Galaxie portal: February 22nd 2018 (10:00 am)
    • Deadline for application submission on the Galaxie portal : March 29th 2018 (4:00pm) – Paris local time
    • Selection Committees: from April 6th to May 18th 2018
    • Institution’s decisions: Academic councils on May 25th and on June 1st 2018
    • Publication of final results on the Galaxie portal: June 18th 2018.
    • Positions’ start date: September 1st 2018
  • Application file
Maître de conférences (= Lecturer) : List of documents to submit
Professeur (= Senior Lecturer / Professor) : List of documents to submit
  • Submitting the application file :

After registering the application on the Galaxie portal, the complete application file should only be submitted by email, in a unique PDF file (for assistance, download here the file “How to fusion several PDF files"). The application file should be sent to the email address indicated on the position description published on Galaxie.

IMPORTANT: it is recommended to submit applications at least several days before the deadline: accordingly, in case files are incomplete, candidates can be asked to gather and send the missing documents before March 29th 2018.

After this deadline, any incomplete application file or any application file which does not respect the required format will be considered as ineligible.

  • 13 Professeurs des Universités :
    • Family Law
      Sociology of sport, body and health
      Cognitive psychology
      Modern history of atlantic world, Europe and the Americas (19th -20th centuries)
      New literatures in English – Colonial and postcolonial studies
      Supply chain management
      Professional Didactics
      Philosophy of Science
      Life sciences or human sciences
      Analysis and Partial Differential Equations, interactions with geometry and probability.
      Structure and evolution of planetary interiors (Earth and other planetary bodies)
      Power networks with low power short circuit
  • 27 Maîtres de conférences :
    • Intellectual Property
      The law of public administration, European Institutional law
      Social Relations,Labour and Employment Law
      Healthcare Law
      Management of information systems and digital innovation
      strategy, organization, project management, technology
      Banking and Finance
      Quantitative Psychopathology and Healthcare
      European history since 1945
      Modern and contemporary archeology
      urban geography and urban project
      Spanish LEA : Contemporary Spanish Civilisation and/or specialist language
      English - LEA : Specialist Language, culture and translation
      Grammar, history and stylistic of the French language (from Middle Ages to 17th century)
      Life sciences or human sciences
      Life sciences or human sciences
      Epigenetics and Cellular biochemistry
      Software Engineering and Modeling
      Languages, Proof and Logics
      Numerical Analysis of Partial Differential Equations
      Organic materials for electrochemical storage systems
      Multi-material joining process. Mechanical and rheological behavior of materials. Polymer processing
      Mechanics – Mechanical Engineering
      Embedded systems: software and hardware architectures
      Civil Engineering – Eco-construction
      Didactics of French, study of the language
      Didactics of Physical Education and Sports

Download the complete list of the composition of the selection committees here (in french)