• Le 31 janvier 2018

Le numéro 3 de la série III des Cahiers François Viète vient de paraître : "History of Astronomy in Portugal" sous la direction de Fernando B. Figueiredo & Colette Le Lay.

History of Astronomy in Portugal
Edited by Fernando B. Figueiredo & Colette Le Lay.

This volume is dedicated to the Portuguese history of astronomy, from the Discoveries to the middle of the 20th century. It is composed of research articles by six recognised Portuguese scholars and its main objective is to place the history of Portuguese astronomy of this period in the wider context of the international historiography. It is a rich and (possibly) unknown history to the international community of historians of science.

  • STÉPHANE TIRARD - Avant-propos
  • FERNANDO B. FIGUEIREDO - Introduction
  • ANTÓNIO COSTA CANAS - The Astronomical Navigation in Portugal in the Age of Discoveries
  • BRUNO ALMEIDA - For the Benefit of Cosmography: Notes on the Contributions of Pedro Nunes to Astronomy
  • LUÍS TIRAPICOS - Astronomy and Diplomacy at the Court of King João V of Portugal
  • FERNANDO B. FIGUEIREDO - The Portuguese Astronomical Activity in the Late 18th and Early 19th Centuries
  • VITOR BONIFÁCIO - Costa Lobo (1864-1945), the Coimbra Spectroheliograph and the Internationalisation of Portuguese Astronomy
  • PEDRO M. P. RAPOSO - Meteorology, Timekeeping and “Scientific Occupation”: Colonial Observatories in the Third Portuguese Empire  
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