• Le 15 juin 2017

Le numéro 2 de la série III des Cahiers François Viète vient de paraître : "From Bench to Brand and Back: The Co-Shaping of Materials and Chemists in the Twentieth Century" sous la direction de Pierre Teissier, Cyrus C. M. Mody et Brigitte Van Tiggelen.

From Bench to Brand and Back: The Co-Shaping of Materials and Chemists in the Twentieth Century

Edited by Pierre Teissier, Cyrus C. M. Mody, Brigitte Van Tiggelen

Through eight case studies, this volume sketches the mutual shaping of chemists and materials in the long 20th century. The circulation among interconnected fields and activities from bench research to engineering processes to brand consumers to human cultures and the natural environment highlights two features of modern technosciences: scaling up and down and the transgressive, boundary-blurring ways in which people, things, and words affect (or trans-operate on) each other.


  • PIERRE TEISSIER, CYRUS C. M. MODY, BRIGITTE VAN TIGGELEN - Introduction: Material Things, Scales and Trans-Operations
  • AUGUSTIN CERVEAUX - Paint as a Material: The Transformation of Paint Chemistry and Technology in America (ca. 1880-1920)
  • ANITA QUYE - Quality Matters for Historical Plastics: The Past-Making of Cellulose Nitrates for Future Preservation
  • PHILIPPE MARTIN - Twentieth Century Fertilizers in France from Natural Mixing to Artificial Making (1890-1970)
  • APOSTOLOS GERONTAS - Chromatographs as Epistemic Things: Communities around the Extraction of Material Knowledge
  • PIERRE TEISSIER - The Exotic Glasses of Rennes (France): Local Knowledge-Making in Global Telecommunication
  • JENS SOENTGEN - Making Sense of Chemistry: Synthetic Rubber in German Popular Scientific Literature (1929-2009)
  • SACHA LOEVE - Point and Line to Plane: The Ontography of Carbon Nanomaterials
  • CYRUS C. M. MODY - The Diverse Ecology of Electronic Materials

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