Financing your studies

  • Students coming from the European Union  may be able to benefit from financial aid when participating in an exchange program. Ask for further information from the International relations department of your home university before arriving in Nantes.
  • Non E-U students should contact the cultural centre in the French embassy of their home country. Grants are available but allocation is the French Embassy's decision only. Students should also ask their home university if any grants or scholarships are available, before arriving in Nantes. 

Provisional budget for your first month in Nantes

Non-exchange students

  • Registration in the university
    • Undergraduate degree : 189.10 €
    • Master : 261.10 €
    • Doctorate : 396.10 €
  • Social security : 215€
  • Extra health insurance : between 8 € and  40€ per month
  • Housing (1st month + deposit) : 325€ (university residence) to 600 € (private housing)
  • Room insurance : +/- 60 € per year
  • University restaurant (3.25€/meal) : +/- 195 €
  • Monthly transport pass (under 26) : 38 €
  • OFII stamp (for residency permit) : 58 €
  • Study materials (variable according to area of study) : +/-150€
  • Miscellaneous (outings...) : 100€
TOTAL : 1540€ - 1900 €

Students participating in an exchange program

Exchange students are exempt from registration fees. All other charges apply.

Per extra month :

  • Housing: 150 à 300 €
  • University restaurant (3.25€/meal) : 195 €
  • Transport pass (under 26) : 38 €/month
  • Study materials (variable according to area of study) : 100€
  • Miscellaneous (outings...) : +/-100€
TOTAL 590€ - 900 €

Finding a temporary job

International students can only work 884 hours a year (approx 20 hours a week), except during school holidays when students can work full time.

Non E-U students with long term visas must have authorisation to work. The necessary paperwork can be obtained at:

Direction Départementale du Travail et de l'Emploi et de la Formation Professionelle

Service de la main d'œuvre étrangère

Tour Bretagne

44000 Nantes

Tél. : 02 40 12 35 00

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am - 12pm and 1.30pm - 4.30 pm, except Tuesdays during school holidays when reception for the pubic is only open during the morning. Ask for a ticket at reception.

Tram line 3, stop "Tour de Bretagne"

You must provide the following documents :

  • A valid  residency permit. Please note that a deposit slip (récépissé) cannot be used for this procedure.
  • Your student card for the academic year in progress (do not forget to state that you are covered by student social security)
  • A contract or letter of engagement from your employer stating the following information: type of work, place of work, hours of work, starting date, length of contract, gross salary.
  • Proof of address (electricity bill, phone bill...).
  • A self addressed stamped envelope
  • Two passport photos
You application should not under any circumstances be sent by post. You must hand in your application personally at the above address, in case any further questions need to be asked. Provisional authorisation to work is valid for six months and must be renewed as soon as it has expired.

  • Exceptions
Students of medicine, pharmacy and associated departments can be exempt under certain conditions. Students should find out more by contacting their university or the personnel department of the hospital where they would like to work.
  • Where to find a job

Have a look at the job advertisements on the CROUS website ( where lots of job offers are posted in numerous sectors throughout term and holiday periods (child minding, teaching, cleaning etc..), and also the CRIJ. These jobs do not generally provide a regular income, but can be useful as supplementary spending money.