In order to guide you through the necessary enrolment procedures, Université de Nantes holds the Guichet Unique at the Maison des Echanges Internationaux et de la Francophonie, where tutors are available to help you fill out the forms and direct you to your registration office.

Exchange students

Your must present the following documents during your enrolment :

  • Proof of passage at the Guichet Unique (given to you when you arrive)
  • home university student card
  • identity card or passport
  • European health card (students from within the E-U only)

You can then enrol pedagogically within your department with the help of your departmental international relations coordinator. Exchange students must choose their lessons with the help of their Exchange Coordinator.

Non-exchange students

You must present the following documents when enrolling:

  • originals of your degree/diploma certificates
  • pre-enrolment agreement issued by Université de Nantes or CampusFrance
  • identity card or passport

Student Card

You will receive your student card when you enrol in the university. You will also be provided with :

  • two enrolment certificates - one of which can be used to receive a reduction card from the SNCF,
  • a statement of your University fees (including social security payment for non-European students) . This statement will also include the name of the social security payment centre to which you are affiliated.

The student card is the proof of status needed in order to benefit from the numerous services reserved for students (university restaurants, etc) and will be used as your library card. It can also be used to benefit from entrance fee reductions (shows, cinema, transport etc).

You should always carry your student card with you. In case of loss, theft, or damage, a new card can only be given when presented with sufficient formal proof from the police.