Law, Economics and Management

IEMN-IAE (Institut of Management, Business and Economics)
Faculty of Law and Political Sciences

Letters and Humanities

Faculty of Letters and Humanities (French Literature, Educational Sciences, Languages Sciences, Information-Communication, Philosophy)
Faculty of Geography (IGARUN)
Faculty of History, Art History and Archeology

Faculty of Psychology

Faculty of Sociology


School of Medecine
School of Dentistry
School of Pharmacy


Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Institute for French as a second language (i-FLE)

Sciences, Technology et Engineering

Faculty of Sciences and Technology

Polytech Nantes (Graduate School of Engineering)
Faculty of Sport Sciences (STAPS)

Institutes of Technology (IUT)

Institute of Technology of Nantes

Institute of Technology of Saint-Nazaire
Institute of Technology of La Roche-sur-Yon

Teacher Training

School for Teacher Training (ESPE)