• Faculty of Medicine

  • Faculty of Pharmacy

  • Faculty of Dentistry

  • Faculty of Psychology

  • Faculty of Science and Technology

  • Faculty of Law and Political Science


  • Department of History, Art History and Achaeology

  • Department of Humanties and Languages

  • Department of Foreign languages and cultures

  • Department of Sociology

  • Department of Science and Technology of Physical Activities and Sports (STAPS)


  • Institute of Geography and Regional Planning of Université de Nantes (IGARUN)

  • Institute of Economics and Management - Institute of Business Administration (IEMN-IAE)

  • Institute of French as a Second Language @ Language Learning Center

  • Teacher training school (ESPE)

  • Institute of Preparation for General Administration (IPAG)
  • University Institute of Technology (IUT) of Nantes

  • University Institute of Technology (IUT) of Saint-Nazaire

  • University Institute of Technology (IUT) of La Roche-sur-Yon

School of Engineering - Polytech Nantes

Observatory of Earth and Planetary Sciences (OSUNA)