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Attractive and diverse academic offers

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Université de Nantes is committed to offering students a program featuring the latest research achievements, allowing them to earn a degree leading to stable employment.

Thus, the University offers programs in most fields of knowledge and academic paths giving access to the majority of degrees in higher education, in short or long programs.

Academic programs at Université de Nantes :

Key figures

  • 284 government-sanctioned diplomas
  • 105 University degrees

> Our academic offers

21 centres for initial education and research including :

  • 11 faculties and departments (UFR)
  • 8 institutes
  • 1 graduate school of engineering
  • 1 observatory of earth and planetary sciences
1 continuing education centre

1 adult education centre open to everyone

1 doctoral college with 8 post-graduate schools, and each year :
  • 230 PhD theses defended
  • 50 accreditations to supervise research (HDR)
  • 350 medical theses

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Search for an education