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International Students: applying for a 2nd year Master course at UniversitÚ de Nantes

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CEF Procedure

Candidates living in a CampusFrance and CEF procedure member country (see below) must apply online.

Countries to which the CEF procedure applies :

Algeria, Argentina, Benin, Brazil, Cameroon, Chili, China, Columbia, Comoros,  Congo Brazzaville, South Korea, Ivory Coast, U.S.A, Gabon, India, Indonesia, Japan, Lebanon Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Mauritius Mexico, Peru, Russia, Senegal, Syria(*), Ta´wan, Tunisia, Turkey, Vietnam.

*For the Syrian residents:
Because of the current events, the CampusFrance office is closed.
The procedure C.E.F. is suspended thus temporarily.

Candidates residing in Syria can submit their application using the paper based procedure equivalent to that of countries without Campus France.

Concerning the linguistic level, the candidates have to contact the embassies of the following countries to join a session of the T.C.F. : Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.
Please note : this procedure also applies to students of Francophone nationality who currently live in one of these countries (for example, a Nigerian or Mauritian  student studying in Algeria or Morocco).

Espace Campus France de Beyrouth
Ambassade de France Ó Beyrouth - SCAC
Rue de Damas
Espace des Lettres Ras El-Nabaa
Campus France Beyrouth
Espace Campus France d'Ankara
Ankara CampusFrance Merkezi
7. Cadde No:9/7 Bahšelievler, Ankara
Campus France Ankara
Espace Campus France d'Istanbul
Consulat GÚnÚral de France Ó Istanbul
Institut Franšais d'Istanbul / CampusFrance
Istiklal Caddesi N░4 - 34435 Taksim - Istanbul
Campus France Istanbul
Espace Campus France d'Amman
Ambassade de France Ó Amman
P.O. Box 5348
Amman Campus France Amman


  1. Connect to Campus France 
  2. Click on "Create new account"
  3. Follow the instructions listed
Only complete applications that have been validated by CampusFrance will be electronically transferred to the university. Applications can only be validated after  candidates have undergone an interview with a CampusFrance advisor.

Final interview date for UniversitÚ de Nantes applications: 31st May 2014

Connect to CampusFrance and CEF procedure website

France and other countries :

The forms available to download below are for international non-exhange students who:
  • have completed at least four years of higher education
  • wish to enter french higher education for the first time
  • are residents of France or a country to which the CEF procedure does not apply.
If you are applying for more than one course, you must complete one form per course and send them to UniversitÚ de Nantes by post before the 1st of April 2014. *Please leave enough time for posting*

Law, Economics and management

Humanities, Social sciences

Sciences, technology and health

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